Sapori (Update)

Sapori Update

The menu was not as exciting as last year Link, but still beautifully presented good sized portions of quality, tasty food.

I started with carpaccio of beef with parmesan and rocket, but it proved to be Braescola not real raw beef. The bread was particularly delicious though, especially the foccacia. I followed with a starter sized portion of wild boar stew with papadelle, and was glad I did for it was both very enjoyable and very rich and filling.

Nick started with one of the specials - Calamari and barley chowder, and was surprised to find that although served on a soup plate it was more like risotto. He wasn't even given a spoon. It was however, very tasty with a rich tomato base, but his delight turned to dismay when he realised he had ordered seafood risotto as a main! The risotto, however, proved to be completely different; pesto flavoured risotto rice packed with fresh tuna, white fish, salmon, mussels all topped with a jumbo prawn.

Verdict: Still the best place ( I've found) to eat in Chelmsford.

August 2014

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