A small town in West Wales

Neither Nick nor I could remember ever having been here before, although having visited St David's we must have used the ring road. We joked that the name looks as though it ought to be pronounced "Huff'est" or some such, along the lines of the Cholmondeleys! In fact the town's website explains that it was originally just "Haverford", and the "west" was added in 1409 to avoid confusion with Hereford. And that was in the days before Satnavs! We stopped to explore after a ferry crossing from Ireland with a view to lunch.

Driving towards the town centre we passed two enormous retail parks, and in the centre were hard pushed to locate the poorly signed car parks. However, when found they turned out to be free. This, unfortunately was the only positive thing that can be said about the council. The large library building and council offices were standing empty, and the library reduced to a poky little extension to the original round the back.

The main streets featured scores of empty shops, mostly in architecturally interesting buildings, implying the town was once very prosperous, evidenced too by the existence of no less than 3 Parish churches. The only source of greengroceries (or any groceries, for that matter) was a solitary fruit and veg stall in Castle Square. The "Riverside Centre" and market was as sparsely occupied as the High Street – a failed hasty bit of backtracking by council planners? Or itself another victim of the out-of-town giants?

Even St Mary's Church at the top of High Street was rather run down and smelt musty in spite of being a Grade I listed building.

Coffee shops were few and far between, but we managed to find a good independent (Link).

We were so disheartened by the place that I omitted to take a picture. This one from the internet reflects how the main street looked on the day of our visit.

Conclusion: rather depressing.

October 2015

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