Baixa Cafe

Baixa Cafe

Rua Dr Artur Magalhaes Basto, 24, Porto

Tel +351 910 365 625

Arriving in Porto mid evening on a Sunday, finding a meal was a priority, and many restaurants were full. The Baixa Cafe had some outdoor tables and we saw one being vacated so swooped in immediately. Limited English was spoken but menu was translated. We arrived at 9.10; the food arrived at 10.30, so it was a good job we had wine to be going on with! The food is cooked to order and it was particularly busy as it was the 25th April public holiday.

I had roast veal, second choice as they'd sold out of roast lamb already, and Nick decided to try one of the regional specialities, roast cod. We shared a bottle of local red wine which was good but €14.

The meals were enormous, and neither of us has a hope of finishing the platefuls, even though the food was very tasty. I tried Nick's cod and found it rather dry and salty for my taste, but Nick enjoyed it. Meanwhile the veal was also tasty although tougher than I expected. This was presumably because a) it had had plenty of exercise in life and b) the meat hadn't been beaten to a scallopino like the Italians do. The bill of €39 boded ill for our budget, but in the circumstances (newly arrived/public holiday) we were content.

April 2016

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