O Tasco

O Tasco

Rua Bela de Sao Tiago, 137, 9060-019 Funchal

We discovered this wonderful little taverna whilst looking for a light Sunday lunch. The half dozen tables of pavement seating offered glimpses of the sea, and the food being served looked appetising. It's more of a tapas bar; most dishes come as full or half portions, and if you choose a Madeira skewer, as we did, the side dishes are ordered and priced separately. We chose grilled limpets (full portion only €7.50), a half portion of Octopus (€5) and the Madeira kebab, which is cooked on a bay skewer, as it traditionally should be. We drank white wine, and finished off with a passion fruit mousse(€2.50). All were really delicious. The service was relaxed (positive comment) and the ambiance very "Sunday afternoon". The bar and counter are surrounded by blackboard, so that the day's specials can be written on the front and be legible from the pavement, but an unexpected benefit of this is that small children can be given a packet of chalks and left to decorate the side of the bar - which of course can be wiped clean after they leave - or left in place if it's a budding Banksy!


December 2014

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