Orca Restaurant

Orca Restaurant

Porto Moniz, Madeira

Porto Moniz was the first whaling port in Madeira so there are many establishments capitalising on the connection, of which the Orca has the best reputation, for its food, but mainly for the panoramic sea views from its albeit somewhat salt encrusted windows.

We were hungry after an energetic morning so decided to have main dishes rather than our usual lunchtime soup. Nick had not yet tried Empanada - the local black scabbard fish, and I liked my first taste so Nick had a filet with mushrooms and cream sauce whilst I preferred the passionfruit sauce.

There was a cover charge of €1.20 each, for which we expected some plain bread, which we got, but also generous portions of butter and some sardine pate.

The fish portions were just right, but arrived with enormous additional plates of salad and chips/potatoes.

Nick decided he liked the fish, but I thought his cream sauce tasted UHT like almost all the milk on the island. My fish in passionfruit sauce was wonderful! It worked with the scabbard fish so much better than banana, although that was good too Link. We ate far too much!

Bill only €30. Recommended.

December 2014.

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