A Chave

A Chave

Sitio da Igreja, Faial, Madeira

Tel:291 573 262

Pleasant setting and good choice of seating areas - casual bench tables with mats; full dining tables with cloths and outdoor tables with plastic chairs. The last was not an option when we were there as it poured with rain.

We both ordered Portuguese tomato soup, Nick with a poached egg, and some garlic bread. The bread arrived promptly, steaming - freshly microwaved?, followed before very long by the soup - a red orange bowlful that looked and tasted as though it came out of a packet. For €3 we were unimpressed, but ate up because we were hungry and it was raining outside. Yes, I know this isn't Funchal, and it's out of season, but I felt sure they could have made more effort.

December 2014

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