A Casa Rodriguez

A Casa Rodriguez

Pirminstrasse 144, 78479 Insel Reichenau, Germany

Tel.: 07534 229

Wonderful find - although having spotted the sign, left, as we drove to the hotel Link, I did have to persuade Nick it wasn't a figment of my imagination when we walked back to it later! So often in rural Germany the menus in every restaurant are remarkably similar, so to encounter a restaurant serving Spanish tapas as well as local specialities was not to be missed. We drank house Spanish Rioja and white wine to accompany a mixed tapas platter and some Galician octopus.

All the food was delicious, the mixed plate comprised fried anchovies, calamari, dates wrapped in grilled ham, Serrano ham, chorizo, cheese, olives. A basket of bread was provided and the ambiance was delightful. Nick finished the meal with what was billed as Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries, but which was not at all as he was expecting - it was more like a knickerbocker glory! Still good just not the same. I chose the Spanish ice cream with honey and almonds. This was perfect. The vanilla ice cream was served in a ceramic pot and topped with whole almonds in honey. Because of the temperature the honey was very thick without being sticky and therefore easy to eat. Portion size also just right. Bill came to €66.30

All in all highly recommended.

September 2016

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