Sunny Sailor

Sunny Sailor

1 Fullbridge, Maldon CM9 4LE


The first pub in Maldon you come to from the riverside path. Advertises itself as family friendly, dog friendly and suitable for all occasions. When we arrived, Nick stayed outside with the backpacks while I went into the bar which was full of guys who were obviously regulars and a couple of couples tucked away in alcoves. I ordered my usual half of cider, and then because I couldn’t see any pump handles asked if they’d got any real ale. This was a cause of great hilarity to both landlord and regulars. What they have is Sunny Boy, a golden ale which is brewed locally and is exclusive to The Sunny Sailor. However, it is not behind the bar. It is kept in barrels in one of the inglenook fireplaces and you serve yourself. I got my own entertainment from seeing Nick’s face when I went back outside with my cider and an empty half pint glass for him! Once he’d fetched his drink he declared it a pleasant all-round ale.

April 2017

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  • Mikey
    Sounds a very novel watering hole! x
    Reply · · - July 23 2017 17:31:40