Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant

Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant

G/F 184A Temple Street, Yau Ma Ti, Kowloon, Hong Kong

There is usually a mixture of Chinese and western clientele at this air conditioned (with fans) street restaurant in the heart of the Temple Street night market. A couple on an adjacent table recommended sticking to the seafood, but with another journey ahead of us we didn't want to be too adventurous, so after selecting a portion of the enticing looking spicy sea snails cooking at the entrance we stuck with a platter of mixed roast meat and some plain fried noodles. The snails were delicious as were the noodles - vermicelli style egg noodles with plenty of seasoning and spring onions. The meat was disappointing. Whilst the pork was crisp and tasty the duck was mediocre and the plain chicken was very fatty but not very flavourful. Also instead of being served on Pak Choi, it was on fried sliced tofu, so there was little contrast in colour or texture (I thought the tofu was more chicken until I tasted it). Very good if you do primarily have seafood. We would go again.

September 2017

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