3b Hoskin St, Shepparton VIC 3630, Australia

In its new venue (all right, not so new but different from 8 years ago Link) the cowboy theme is considerably more downplayed, and in fact apart from the odd wheel, saddle and piece of hide lying about there is little to differentiate it from any other pole dancing "gentlemen's club". Sufficiently spacious for its location in a small inland Australian town, it has several stages, a good length bar and a generally pleasant ambiance. We arrived not long after the club opened on a Saturday night, to find a doorman, a bar tender and 3 girls "holding the fort". When we left a further 4 girls had arrived and a few more customers. We were pleasantly surprised to discover the bar stocked wine - of more than one sort too, at prices ranging from $4 for a small house wine to $12 for a larger glass of branded varietal. We took seats near the main stage and all three girls chatted to us between taking turns to show off their pole routines. There was little to choose between them in skill and personality, but I found "Julia" the most attractive and Nick treated me to one of her special dances. Sufficient to say I left feeling rather different from when I arrived!

December 2017

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