Churrasquinho Parque Cidade

Churrasquinho Parque Cidade

Asa Sul, Brasília, DF Brazil

Every evening soon after 5pm we could see from our hotel window Link some serious constructional work going on in the corner of the car park of the Parque Cidade Corporate Towers. Soon afterwards appetising smells wafted across the road. Eventually we went to investigate and found a complete street restaurant assembled and doing a brisk trade. We approached nervously but one of the chefs explained the system in a mixture of Portuguese and enthusiastic gestures, so we collected our meat kebabs and placed them on the grill where the chef took over while we helped ourselves to white rice, beans with manioc and mixed vegetables. By this time our kebabs were done and added to our plate, which we took to the cashier, ordered 2 cans of Antarctica beer and paid the bill of ...R$35! (under £10)

All the food was good and the meat was really tasty.

The Churrasquinho is patronised by all sorts of people including guys in suits grabbing a bite to eat on their way home, and a number of police cars drew up so the officers could avail themselves of the service. One incident amused us as there was a rookie cop to whom the Churrasquinho system was explained by his boss and the gestures were just as enthusiastic as those I experienced even though both parties spoke Portuguese!


November 2017

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