Vitorlás Étterem

Vitorlás Étterem

Köztársaság utca 14, Balatonlelle, Hungary

Tel.: +36/30/6405703


This is the best restaurant in Balatonlelle. It is also the most expensive, but only relative to the other local restaurants; by Budapest standards it is very reasonable. It was also the nearest to our accommodation, about a 15 minute walk. On our first night, before our fellow house guests had arrived, we selected items from the menu which we most wanted to try, in case the others' plans didn't include a return visit. ( In fact we need not have worried; we ate here all four nights of our stay and got to try everything we wanted). I was determined to have duck breast, which was described as being served with "variations of carrot", sounding most intriguing. Nick had beef with potato dumplings, which he enjoyed and recommended to another diner. My "variations of carrot" proved to be puréed, roasted and pickled. The contrasting textures were so pronounced that you hardly realised it was all the same vegetable. The duck was flavourful and cooked to my liking, so I was very satisfied with my choice! We shared a traditional cottage cheese pancake afterwards. Nick recognised the delicious wine he had tried in Budapest ( so ordered more of this. I was content with local house white.

June 2018

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