Fortuna Étterem

Fortuna Étterem

Cinkotai út 86, 1141 Budapest, Hungary

Staying for a couple of nights in suburban Budapest, we decided to try to find somewhere local instead of travelling back into the city. We searched on Google, and headed for the most promising looking place within a reasonable walking distance. However, before we reached our target we came across the Fortuna Hotel at the next crossroads after the Wine Club Link. People were sitting out eating at tables with tablecloths which looked attractive so we joined them. The menu was partly in English but there were pictures too so ordering was easy. I had pork goulash with rice. After almost a week in Hungary this was the first time I'd identified it on a menu. Nick had beef braised in red wine with plums and croquette potatoes. Both were basic but tasty, and Nick even ate some of his plums which proved to be prunes soaked in red wine. (I ate the rest and very good they were too!) We shared a traditional cottage cheese filled pancake for pudding and drank half a litre of house wine each (in 100ml measures). The whole bill came to only 8000Ft, about £23.

We returned the following night for an equally economical meal, when Nick had steak tartare.

June 2018

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