The Castle

The Castle

1 Grove Place, Little Haven, Haverfordwest SA62 3UG


There are 3 places to eat in the evening in Little Haven: the St Bride's Inn, which is the most popular, and therefore always full; the Castle, which although a Marstons pub, has a really splendid setting, does above average food and is the second choice if you can't get in at St Bride's; and the Swan Inn, which used to be the best but has reputedly become pretentious. The Castle appears to have its own menu, with daily specials as well as the Marsden staples. I had one of the specials, mussels with leeks and bacon in the best Welsh tradition, whilst Nick had fish and chips and E selected the fish pie, also from the list of specials. We had booked an early table, which was just as well because we received our food in a reasonable time, whereas later, people placing orders as we were leaving were told the food would take 45 minutes! There were clean plates all round, and although we were too full for a pudding each, the three of us shared a single Crème Brulee. One good feature of a Marston's pub is that the bill was very reasonable.

August 2018

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