All Quiet on the Home Front

All Quiet on the Home Front

An Oral History of Life in Britain during the First World War

Richard van Emden & Steve Humphries 2003

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A selection of interviews with people who lived through the First World War, revealing stories of courage and care as well as the community spirit one assumes will prevail at such times. Those interviewed include a survivor of a Zeppelin raid on Hull in 1915; a Welsh munitions worker recruited as a girl; and a woman rescued from a bombed school after five days. There are also accounts of rural famine, bereavement and the effects of having family members fighting on families back home.

It was an admirable project of the authors to seek out such an oral history before it was too late.

January 2013

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  • graceman
    It was such a gruesome war. Just as bad as the Crimean War and the Civil War.

    And then things got worse.
    Reply · · - December 29 2018 20:44:34