Snowdrop Inn

Snowdrop Inn

119 South St, Lewes BN7 2BU


Excellent pub at the far end of Lewes - Cliffe actually, and this explains the pub's name. It is not as might be expected, named after the spring flower, but instead is a tribute to the people killed in an avalanche on the spot in 1836! when the snow literally dropped off the cliff behind the inn. We called only for a drink, but they have an excellent menu as well as a good range of ales throughout the year. Once a year they have a beerfest with as many as 200 ales. As a result of this they have 1/3 and 2/3 pint measures so you can try more draughts, even in regular times! Nick tried a Sussex beer but not from Harvey's just across the river, and I was going to have cider, but the regular strength one on offer was my local Weston's brew. In view of the chilly weather I had a whisky instead.

March 2018

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