To A Tea

To A Tea

14 Farringdon St, London EC4A 4AB


We came upon this just when we were needing a refreshment break when walking a circular route between Islington and the Thames. Set on the ground level of one of the many modern office towers on Farringdon Street it looked slightly incongruous serving old fashioned delicate afternoon teas using real tea sets and cake towers. Somehow an American coffee chain would have looked more in keeping but much less attractive. We went in to the half filled teashop and were immediately asked if we'd make a reservation. Nick retorted that he'd never had to book a table for a cup of tea before, to which the waitress explained that bookings were only needed for a full afternoon tea, and showed us to a small table for two. The tea menu included black, white and green teas plus fruit and herbal infusions and tucked away on the back page a selection of coffee. We chose a pot of Ceylon and a pot of Assam and Nick indulged in a slice of Victoria sponge. The tea was brewed at our table cafetière style and the tea leaves removed so it didn't get too strong.


February 2018

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  • CiaraThrace
    I know this place really well, its a fantastic spot.
    Reply · · - March 10 2019 18:40:34
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