Volvo FH12

Volvo FH12

This particular lady (truckers always refer to lorries as she because "like women they can be temperamental") was new in 2000 making her the oldest member of that particular fleet. She's covered a fair distance in that time - the odometer had over a million km on the clock, measured in km because of EU regulations. However due to her age, she has a Euro 2 engine and is therefore excluded from the London low emission zone. I don't mind that though because it means her driver passes my way a little more often. My invitation into the Globetrotter cab was a revelation, it's like entering a very small caravan once you've negotiated the really steep steps up from pavement level. It's a pity there isn't a more convenient folding stairway - especially for girls in short skirts. Although for journeys the cab sits and sleeps 2, on social occasions three can be accommodated with ease on the lower bunk which is a virtually full sized single bed. Admittedly there isn't much room to maneouver but that just adds to the fun!

For the technically minded she has a 12 litre engine, inline 6 cylinder 420bhp intercooler & turbo.

March 2008

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  • william boney
    GrinQuite an interesting evening wouldn't you say.Certainly made to feel at ease and a good time was had by all.Grin Certainly hoping to meet up again soon either through the old lady or maybe at a more social affair(invites always welcome).
    Reply · · - June 13 2008 15:13:26
  • Janet
    The one thing this review lacks is what it's like to actually travel in it. So next time you're passing.......
    Reply · · - June 16 2008 12:24:47
  • NickOld
    More Volvo photos now in the Fun Fashions section
    Reply · · - June 16 2008 17:19:47
  • Sothiac
    Hi Janet and Nick, This has to be pne of my all time favourites with Janet wearing those very sexy black boots. Pleeeeeeeease show us more of what happened next, i have imagined all sorts but there must be a few more you can share with us here.Grin
    Reply · · - November 09 2008 15:51:43
  • NickOld
    There are a few more pictures in "Fun Fashions", page 3 , Volvo FH12.

    Reply · · - November 09 2008 21:24:39
  • william boney
    hi janet,the rumour is that the old girl is going to be retired soon so we'll have to try and arrange a little ride in her for you before she goes,chat
    Reply · · - December 04 2008 23:07:54