A Dictionary of Catch Phrases

A Dictionary of Catch Phrases

Nigel Rees


Recommendation: Cover blurb

Nowhere near as good as Brewer's Famous Quotations Link. Catch phrases by their very nature are more transient, and therefore dated. Think old advertising slogans - "Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet", Oxo cubes providing "Man Appeal" ( which incidentally, as a child, I used to think was a physical thing you put into food as you did with Candied Peel). Adverts these days are much more visual than slogan based making these all seem even more dated, apart from any politically incorrect sentiments!

There were lots of phrases from Radio and Television programmes "Open the Box!", "Opportunity Knocks", "Nice to see you, to see you - nice!" "You'll like this. Not a lot, but you'll like it." All nostalgic if you happened to be the right age and receptive at the time they were used, but appearing very silly if you weren't.

The book provided an amusing interlude, but not something to keep on your bookshelf.

November 2018

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