Y is for Yesterday

Y is for Yesterday

Sue Grafton


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Kinsey Millhone is destined never to reach Z as Sue Grafton died soon after completing this penultimate book of her alphabet series. As such it is not a real humdinger of a finale. All the usual features of Kinsey's life are involved; her ancient landlord, Henry, her love-hate relationship with Rosie of the Hungarian restaurant, her various Santa Teresa Police contacts and ex-lovers. However, there is a carry forward from the previous book as the serial killer who escaped justice in "X" is still at large and probably wants revenge. All these aspects are essential as the first part of this thriller is very slow and introspective, concerning as it does, events that happened 8 years previously to a group of generally spoiled high school kids who became involved with a death and a disappearance. Kinsey resigns her contract to investigate a ransom demand relating to these events, but is drawn in again when one of the now divergent group disappears on her watch so to speak. The pace hots up and produces a very satisfying climax.

Goodbye Kinsey Millhone and R.I.P. Sue Grafton.

November 2018

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