LNER First Class

LNER First Class Kings Cross to Edinburgh.

Since we'd been staying at LSE vacations (link to follow) and had arrived at Kings Cross without breakfast, the lounge was much appreciated. It was my first experience of a railway lounge, so I could only compare the facilities with an airport business lounge, against which it came off unfavourably. That said, there were free copies of The Times on offer, along with hot and cold drinks including 2 types of fruit juice, apples, bananas, biscuits, crisps and pains au chocolat. Nick is not fond of these and would have preferred a plain croissant, and there was no yoghurt. There were better (and free) loos than in the rest of the station, and even one or two reclining seats.

On the train itself, they seem determined to entertain you with food and drinks for the whole journey, offering hot, cold and alcoholic drinks at least once an hour. The 11am train we were on served lunch from a small menu, and the beef rendang was most acceptable, although I understand from regulars that the breakfast menu is better. First class seats are spacious, but without seat belts so you get rather thrown about when the train runs at top speed. Also I was unable to log in to the wifi service, and the high speed sections of the journey made typing accurately quite difficult.

For a long journey without changes, First Class is worth paying a bit extra for (£30 extra on this occasion) but not worth the £100 extra it would have been on a different train.

September 2018

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