The Nuremberg Trial

The Nuremberg Trial

R.E. Cooper


Recommendation: Historic topic

This paperback "hot off the press" from one of the reporters at the trial is very densely printed on mediocre paper due to the post war shortages, and I was expecting it to be hard to read, both physically and intellectually. In fact, it is so compelling, even in the parts which are procedural or technical that it is surprisingly easy to read. Through the eyes of R.E. Cooper you feel that you are actually witnessing the birth of the concept of Human Rights and crucially, the invention and definition of the word "Genocide". The defendants are a motley bunch involved to a greater or lesser extent in the Nazi atrocities, and whilst one or two of the minor players plead extenuating circumstances, none of them show any repentance. An important record of a globally significant event.


November 2016

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