In Siberia

In Siberia

Colin Thubron

1999 Penguin (2000)

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Colin Thubron writes of his journeying in Siberia in the 1990s after the fall of Communism. It makes fascinating reading of travel over an enormous (one twelfth of the earth's land surface) and remote area. I had a particular interest in this area, as I did a sponsored walk (in the UK) in 1997 in aid of the people left penniless and rudderless by the closure of the Gulags. This included the redundant guards as well as the inmates, both groups who were simply abandoned when the purpose of their being in Siberia became irrelevant.

Of course, for Colin Thubron the Trans-Siberian railway features quite prominently, but the author spends quite a long period - and quite a lot of words - on Lake Baikal. It is not surprising as this is the world's deepest and oldest lake, but I found this section a bit tedious compared to the rest. Otherwise up to his usual standard.

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