Zoo Quest for a Dragon

Zoo Quest for a Dragon

David Attenborough

Recommendation: Friend had recently visited Bali

The most entertaining part of the book was the under-preparedness and consequent misfortunes experienced by a very young David Attenborough and his colleagues. Nowadays, the Elder Statesman-like naturalist would have Embassies and travel companies at his beck and call; but then he was just an enthusiastic junior, and could be fobbed off with a few red herrings. In Bali for instance, the officials were DETERMINED he should photograph the Temples rather than the wildlife and held up vital paperwork until, in desperation, he finally agreed to photograph the Temples as well.

To reach Komodo, the only home of the famous dragons (which had been discovered only a decade or so earlier) he was dependent on local knowledge and fishermen. Not having any language in common, he was easily duped into accepting a lift from an Arms smuggler whose knowledge of the area was non existent. It was little short of miraculous they got home at all!

November 2018

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