Boar's Head

Boar's Head

Church Street, Bishops Castle, Shropshire SY9 5AE


Arriving early for an afternoon meeting we had an hour to spare for a light lunch. We first went to the Castle, where else in Bishop's Castle?, and realised immediately that a lot of other people had the same idea. It was obvious lunch would take longer than an hour here, so our second choice was the Boar's Head lower down the town. The car park was quite full, but inside only half a dozen tables were taken so our chances of getting fed in the time available looked good.

Nick was tempted by half a pint of real ale from a choice of 4, and I had my usual half of cider.

The soup of the day was parsnip which suited me fine so I had the lunch special which paired a bowl of soup with a choice of half sandwich, in my case hot pork. Nick chose a main course pie which came with chips and salad, and discovered it was a larger portion than he expected. It was very tasty and of course filling, so it was a good job I was around to eat the salad!

Pleasant Olde Worlde ambiance and good value.

February 2019

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