Manole - Taste of Roumania

La Manole - Taste of Roumania

440 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 9AH


A Romanian restaurant in which we seemed to be the only diners not conversing in Romanian!  style=

We had a very good meal, even if it was not quite what we were expecting. After we'd ordered main courses we realised from observing other diners that we should have had soup. We did make one good move, we each had a small carafe of house wine which worked out to be a large glass at only £3.50. Nick chose the house special schnitzel, and I chose the Moldovan stew, which I was told was made with meat and polenta and egg. This was accurate as far as it went - it proved to be chunks of smoked pork with a dollop of polenta and a fried egg, with no gravy to be seen. I had also been advised by the waitress that pickled cabbage was a traditional accompaniment, and went very well, so I agreed to this too. It was very good and did go very well with the pork (I ate it instead of the polenta), although for some reason (being British I suppose), I expected red cabbage, so was slightly disconcerted when presented with pickled white cabbage. The whole bill was only £23.99, amazingly cheap for London, so we left a grat. for the helpful waitress, and resolved to eat soup next time.

February 2019

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