Bailey's Cafe & Tearoom

Bailey's Cafe & Tearoom

7 Museum St, York YO1 7DT


The attractive looking "Brew and Brownie" next door Link was full so we entered Bailey's expecting a basic lunch, on the basis of the rather old fashioned décor and furniture. We were however, pleasantly surprised by a wide ranging menu of breakfasts, sandwiches, light lunches, teas and specials; found a window table and enjoyed a view of the street and library while we ate. Nick was going to have a Ploughman's, but he spotted fishcakes on the Specials board so plumped for the Thai Cod and Prawn variety instead. I was satisfied with a Bacon and Brie melt, feeling slightly guilty that there were no "a-day"s involved. This was soon remedied because Nick's fishcakes as well as being accompanied by sweet chilli dip and salad, also came with coleslaw, which he hates, so I could have it. We drank orange juice (even though wine was available), and the bill was £19. Recommended.

July 2019

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