933 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116


A small Italian style restaurant with tablecloths and a reasonably priced menu caught our eye when there was a long wait for a table at the French Market restaurant Link just across the street.

We ordered house wine and beer and some garlic bread while we selected our main meals. T was not hungry so ordered a Caesar Salad with chicken from the regular menu. Nick and I meanwhile were tempted by two of the day's specials - a seafood stew with fettuccine for Nick and a Shrimp (prawn) and Crabmeat in white wine sauce with linguine for me.

T was unimpressed by the serving of the hot chicken separately from the salad. Nick's seafood stew was very rich, faintly sweet tasting as a result, we were told, of the Sambuca in the sauce, and enormous. Even with T and I having a few mouthfuls of fish, there was still a lot left. My linguine was delicious but similarly enormous; I ate all the shrimps and crabmeat with about one third of the pasta. We were too full to want anything else, and it was just as well, as when the bill came we discovered the specials were around $40 each. In contrast the standard menu in the window showed mains of about $25 and nowhere were prices given for specials. What's more the tablecloths turned out to be paper too.

Less than impressed, but it serves us right for eating in the heart of the tourist area!

June 2019

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