Our Country's Good

Our Country's Good

Timberlake Wertenbaker

Premiere 1988, published 1989

Recommendation: Seeing the Play

A drama set in a Penal Colony in New South Wales, where all the convicts arriving on the First Fleet admit to being deported from England for "Our Country's Good". The Royal Marines who are there to oversee the colony debate the purpose - is it punishment or rehabilitation? As an experiment favouring the latter, a second lieutenant, hoping to get attention (and promotion) organises a performance of "The Recruiting Officer" by the convicts. The rest of the play centres on the bumpy ride from idea to performance, with brief observations from an unseen aboriginal observer. The performance of the play itself was very good, being full of action and surprisingly moving but reading it brings out the significance of the words. The concept and some of the characters are based on facts from the 1780s.

July 2004

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