If Only They Didn't Speak English

If Only They Didn't Speak English

Notes from Trump's America

Jon Sopel


Recommendation: Nick

tIt is quite strange reading a book about such recent events, but gratifyingly Jon Spoel has reached the same conclusions as I have about many of the issues considered. Gun control, or rather the lack of it, formed the basis of one substantial chapter and it was interesting to discover the origins of the debate (the foundation of the states having private militias, rather than a national army) and depressing to learn how the National Rifle aAssociation hijacked the constitutional Article for their own ends ( individuals' ownership of guns rather than group ownership as originally intended).

Other chapters covering Americans' anxiety, anger, patriotism and their attitudes to race, truth and God, all rang very true to our albeit limited experience. As such it was a rather unchallenging read.

October 2017

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