I am Malala

I am Malala

Malala Zafarzai


Recommendation: Author in the news

A very moving autobiography, the title of which being the words that resulted in her being shot by Taliban assassins on her journey from school. It is obvious that Malala's family, in particular her father, were unusual in their cultural context. When Malala shows herself to be very intelligent, her father does not hold her back from studying or later writing an anonymous blog for the BBC. Her mother agrees too, in spite of having herself voluntarily left school earlier than necessary to get married. Not until the family came to England following the attack on Malala, did she agree to learn to read and write and learn English too. In spite of her commitment to girls' education, Malala is deeply religious, particularly ironic given the Taliban's view that she was undermining Islam by encouraging girls to want to be more than wives and mothers.

February 2017

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