Pakistan from Mountains to Sea

Pakistan from Mountains to Sea

Brendan Farrow, Duncan Willetts, and Mohamed Amin


Recommendation: Topic & cover blurb

This is a "coffee table" book that has been on our shelves for many years, and has been greatly used as a lap desk for handwriting things, without paying much attention to its content. Following my reading of "I am Malala" Link, in which she describes the Swat valley as "a little piece of heaven", I thought I'd look up the area in this book. It was most disappointing - meriting no more than a single paragraph and one photograph. Further exploration throughout the book, revealed a similar pattern - limited descriptions accompanying the admittedly spectacular pictures, but no map indexing the locations of all the illustrations, and no systematic coverage of the journey "from mountains to sea". I concluded that it's place on our bookshelves is only assured by its use as a lap desk!

April 2017

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