Riverwalk Outlet Centre

Riverwalk Outlet Centre

500 Port of New Orleans Place, New Orleans, LA 70130, U.S.A.

We saw this first in 2009, when it was the "Riverwalk Marketplace" and finally refilled with shops after Hurricane Katrina's devastation. It was not massively exciting but provided a useful air conditioned or covered route to Canal Street. Now, it is billed as an Outlet Center, with Nordstrom Rack, dozens of other shopping brands and a very useful food court at the Convention Center end. This has a good range of fast food - no McDonald's or Subway - of which the better ones are easily identified by the lines of queueing shoppers. We joined the line for Mandarin Express, which, although not having a few of the dishes listed, offered a reasonable range of chicken and vegetable dishes with veg fried rice, Asian noodles or plain steamed rice. Any of these carbs with two other meat or vegetables dishes were $7.49; or $8.99 for 3. I tried bourbon chicken ( yes, I know this isn't Chinese) and Mongolian chicken, while Nick had honey chicken and also some of the Mongolian. Really good value, but typical of this sort of food court everything was served in disposable but not recyclable containers. Otherwise good for its type.

The shops appeared to offer a good variety of products, and the center still offers an air conditioned route to downtown with river views.

June 2019

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