Celtic Promise

Celtic Promise


Caws Teifi Cheese, Glynhynod Farm, Llandysul, Ceredigion SA44 5JY

A product that lives up to its name!

We purchased this rind washed whole cheese (500g) at Carmarthen market on our way home from Haverfordwest at the end of February, saving it until we knew we'd be home long enough to eat it all. Therefore considerable anticipation had been built up, since we hadn't tasted it at the stall, merely relying on it having won several cheese awards. It also had a lot to live up to, costing nearly £12!

This it managed in spades. Although the wrapping suggests keeping in the fridge and eating at room temperature, we ate some not long out of the fridge and it was delicious! It smells as though it's going to be seriously pungent and strong, but it is flavourful without being sharp, and surprisingly creamy, matching its rich yellow colour. This is the first organic raw milk cheese I have tasted in a very long time and it was very good indeed. The wrapper also indicated it would complement red or white wine, ale and cider, and I'm sure it would, but we tried a small glass of decent port with it and it held its own, but completely differently from Stilton.

Available permanently only at Carmarthen indoor market and direct from the farm online, but also at many Farmers Markets in South Wales. Recommended.

May 2109

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