Lily O'Brien's Dessert Collection

Lily O'Brien's Dessert Collection

I was given a medium sized box of these popular chocolates for Christmas, having seen them for sale, but never had the opportunity to taste them. The six varieties of chocolate are based on dessert recipes: Banoffee Pie, Creme Bruleé, Key Limey Pie, Hazelnut Torte, Passion Fruit Mousse and Raspberry Infusion.

I found the most enjoyable to be the Banoffee pie which I ate with a fresh banana. Almost all the desserts were too complicated - trying to fit all the flavours and textures of the original in a chocolate case struck me as a bad plan, particularly with the Creme Bruleé which doesn't feature chocolate in the original at all. The hazelnut one was the least offensive in this respect, and the Key Limey Pie, whilst bearing no resemblance to real Key Lime Pie at least had the advantage of only two basic flavours the lime and the dark chocolate.

Not something I would purchase.

January 2018

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