Sainsbury's Cafe

Sainsbury's Cafe

Barnwood superstore, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3RT

We were late leaving for a journey to Essex and as the A40 is notably lacking in service stations before Beaconsfield on the M40 (even the grotty Little Chef at Burford is now closed), we decided that a snack lunch at the Sainsbury's cafe at Barnwood would be the most efficient option. We didn't want to eat too much as not only did we want to reach Chelmsford before dark but we would be eating dinner in the Sapori restaurant. Link Ham, eggs and chips and a small bottle of "Taste the Difference" orange juice each came to £12.60.This was very good value. The eggs were nicely cooked, the chips were excellent, crisp outside, fluffy inside and really hot; only the ham was less than excellent but even this was quite acceptable. Our meal arrived within 15 minutes, during which time we read the day's papers, provided for the use of customers. The only complaint was the ambiance - totally bland. I have eaten in much pleasanter supermarket cafes.

March 2018

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