Fox Inn

Fox Inn

Rudgwick, Horsham RH12 3JP

Tel: +44 1403 822386

The Fox Inn makes a good lunch stop for hungry travellers for not only does it advertise itself conspicuously at the roadside but it also has a convenient entrance to car parking so that you can actually avail yourself of the facilities. Inside we found it very popular, but fortunately not completely full. There were lots of tempting things on the menu, but as we knew we'd be having an early supper, we decided on a sharing plate, with one other starter. I spotted a flyer on the adjacent table extolling the virtues of pig's ears as a nibble or starter, and couldn't resist! They turned out to be like a thinner leaner version of pork scratchings (not surprising really) and were very good. The sharing platter proved to be rather limited, with extremely fatty ham, one type of salami, a fairly small piece of cheese and cornichons and olives, neither of which Nick likes. The home made sourdough bread was good but there wasn't very much of it.

All in all a good idea that didn't really come up to expectations. I think we would try something more conventional on another visit.

March 2018

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