Mei's Kitchen

Mei's Kitchen

Birmingham Indoor Market, 26-30 Pershore St, Birmingham B5 4RW

Almost a meal for two for only £5.50. Admittedly we had already eaten some oysters and a crab claw from a stall beforehand, but nothing substantial. A large mug of Chinese tea and a bowl of seaweed, pork and egg drop soup filled us completely. We ordered one dish, but when the proprietor saw me sharing she provided an additional bowl and spoon. Excellent value, even though there are numerous diners just beyond the market in Birmingham's China town. Mei's is very useful, as not only is it cheap but service is efficient and the food authentic. On a previous occasion we have eaten a breakfast of congee (Nick) and Wan Ton soup (me) at Mei's kitchen too.


August 2019

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