Ye Olde Windsor Castle

Ye Olde Windsor Castle

25 Little Bookham St, Great Bookham, Leatherhead KT23 3AA


We were taken for lunch here, and having chosen from an extensive menu with some interesting items as well as plenty of pub staples, I looked round and was astonished to discover it was a "Chef & Brewer" chain pub!

Yes, there were plenty of things on offer that could be of the "freezer to microwave" genre, but there were plenty that weren't, including my choice of grilled sea bass with pan fried scallops on a prawn and pea risotto. Another of our party selected this too and we agreed it was an excellent lunch choice apart from being rather bland. Cooking the rice in fish stock would have remedied this but we had to make do with adding salt. Nick enjoyed his Steak and Red Wine Pie, but could manage only half the chips served with it and none of the vegetables ( that was because they weren't peas!).

P & C each attacked a mixed grill - with varying degrees of success it might be said as the plates were piled high in spite of their both having an extra egg instead of black pudding!

After much chatting we decided we had a small amount of room for dessert, and while P had winter fruit crumble, the rest of us had ice cream, with Nick and I sharing 3 scoops from a choice of 5 flavours. The raspberry sorbet, and strawberry and clotted cream ices creams was a very good combination.

February 2019

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