Don Pepe Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar

Don Pepe Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar

99 Frampton St, Marylebone, London NW8 8NA

Having left the tube at Edgewaree Road to have dinner at San Miguel's Link, we were shocked to find it had closed down. With plenty of time before our train left Paddington we googled for another Spanish restaurant before resorting to one of the chains around Paddington Basin. We were in luck! Don Pepe popped up, a mere 8 minutes walk in the Marylebone direction. Although the 8 minutes must have been calculated without luggage and outside rush hour, we arrived at Don Pepe 5 minutes after the stated opening time of 6pm. Yes he was open. We went in and ordered a restorative glass of wine each, then asked for the menu. This was where our good fortune appeared to diminish, " Sorry the kitchen doesn't open until the chef arrives at 7pm" we were told. Seeing our faces fall, as 7pm was too late to start eating this far from Paddington, Luiz relented and offered to give us some bread, cheese ( manchega) and ham (serrano). Nick asked to see the menu for future reference and on exclaiming "Octopus! My favourite" and "sherried kidneys, bliss", Luiz decided he could manage to provide some grilled octopus and potatoes too! But definitely not the kidneys. The octopus was as delicious as anticipated and we had eaten almost as much as we would had the kitchen been officially open. With another glass of wine for Nick the bill came to just under £30.

We will definitely return.

February 2018

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