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Watling Street, Gailey, ST19 5PN


A Marstons pub, which serves an excellent value Carvery. Mondays to Saturdays a small plate is £4.99 or £6.79 for a medium plate, with Sunday prices only a little higher. The small size was actually plenty for lunch. There was a choice of 3 roast meats, and even the small size permitted a slice of each. When we were there the meats were gammon, turkey and beef. Nick just had turkey, and as the beef looked rather too well done for my liking, I had some gammon and some turkey. A good selection of traditional vegetables accompanied the carvery along with appropriate condiments and gravy. This was where my choice of gammon and turkey fell down - the turkey needed gravy but the gammon didn't. Apart from that (my own fault for not thinking it through), no complaints for a substantial, sensible economic lunch.

November 2019

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