The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown 2003

Recommendation: Hype!

It's easy to see why it was a best seller, with thrills, conspiracy, religion and romance, but it was still tedious in places in spite of a racing plot. This is probably due to the bland style. The “Priory of Zion” is given as fact, when it was actually a mid 20th century hoax. I became suspicious when Nicholas Flamel was listed as a Grand Master of the order (ask any Harry Potter fan). Unsurprisingly for this kind of plot the ending was very lame.

P.S.As I was loath for the profits of my reading to go to the author, I bought this second hand from the local Hospice charity shop and returned it there afterwards for resale!

Read March 2007

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  • JohnDevon
    Hype is right! I found the plot good to start with, but many of the characters were two dimensional. Once the hypothesis around which the book is written is revealed, it's a disapointment. That hypothesis has been around almost for ever. His previous book "Angels & Demons" is much better. All those that I've spoken to that have read both agree. The weakness in Angels & Demons is the rather far fetched (even for a thriller) ending. It's still the better book, though.
    Reply · · - August 30 2007 20:07:15
  • marcbren
    Whatever was all the fuss about? A run of the mill thriller based on a conspiracy theory.

    I found The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (read years ago) much more compelling/interesting/thought provoking. Whether or not its central hypothesis is "true" or not is a moot point, but it certainly led me to further reflection and reading. Seems to me that the Cathars' beliefs had a lot going for them.
    Reply · · - September 02 2007 07:45:07