A Price for Everything

A Price for Everything

Mary Sheepshanks


Recommendation: Cover blurb.

Delightful, if rather predictable story of a lady who discovers that she can't have passion as well as contentment, security as well as excitement. It rapidly becomes obvious which she will choose, but there are enough obstacles and pitfalls to keep you reading. Some well drawn minor characters.

Read January 2006

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  • usnay12345
    Indeed, when I realised I was old enough that I should begin seeking a wife, I found that women could most easily be measured on the scale of desire for security vs. excitement. Measuring a woman in any other way is more complicated. ;-)
    Reply · · - May 15 2009 05:53:54
  • craig1
    Agreed, but I have found that some women seek different things at different points in their lives. Does anyone have comments about this?
    Reply · · - May 16 2009 03:01:10