The Finest Catch

The Finest Catch

Birmingham Rd, Henley-In-Arden, West Midlands, B95 5QR

Tel:01564 793783

This premises used to be the Bird In The Hand public house for a number of years. Following several floods a few years ago, it changed to an Indian restaurant although whatever time of day I went past it always seemed to be empty, and this inevitably led to it being sold again. So enter the present owners who cast their lines and caught "The Finest Catch".

As the name suggests, it is a fish and chip restaurant that also happens to be licensed.

Food quality? Definitely the finest catch. Prices are very reasonable starting at around a fiver and even if you have a larger appetite, a more hefty serving would only cost you around eight pounds; add to this the complimentary bread and butter, this is money well spent. You have to pay extra for side orders such as peas, but for around £1.50 you have bowl which is more than enough to share. Sweets and starters are also very reasonably priced. Style of restaurant? Its like stepping back into the fifties and going onto the set of "Happy Days". Happy? I certainly was when I left. One lovely addition is the fifties Wurlitzer Jukebox so that you can choose which songs you'd like to hear whilst you are there.

Well worth a visit.

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